I'm not sure why, but kid clothiers don't care about school-age children when it comes to cool, comfy PJ's. It's a market vacuum; a conspiracy against poor, toothless 7 year-olds. I have found myself stockpiling PJ's for my own kids when I find them on the few stores that make them sporadically, half-heartedly available, so I decided to start PJ Obsession, or PJO (P-JOE) for short.

So far so good....twenty years in tech marketing has left me with, um, no relevant experience for designing garments and printing fabric. The good news is I have stimulated long-dormant creative instincts and discovered amazingly talented, lovely folks that can help realize the mission for cool kids' PJ's.

We are coming! Elementary-school humans rejoice!

September 14, 2015 by Amy Brown
Tags: #kidspajamas