We have a sample! I was advised at the start of the PJ creation process that it takes nine months to make a baby and also a garment. We are sticking pretty firmly to that gestation period.

Our talented pattern makers, seamstresses and designers worked together to create the first iteration of what will become PJO magic. Then my daughter, AKA PJO model zero, braved the pinning process (she was a bit nervous, but we are dealing with pros here--she escaped unscathed and with Christmas cookies for her trouble).

We now begin work on sample number two and printed fabric. We will be using off-the-shelf, ultra-soft organic cotton for the snug-fitting t-shirt style tops, but for the loose pants we are working from scratch--our mission is to create high quality flame resistant designs that meet our customers lofty aesthetic standards. Tricky, but we are up to the challenge.

January 02, 2016 by Amy Brown