There’s a time in life when all we have to do—our only real responsibility—is to dream and grow. To dream about a world of possibilities, and to grow into humans capable of pursuing our dreams to the ends of the Earth. This is a good time. A magical time. An important time. This is Pajama Time.

Pajama Time happens every day, and it’s as crucial to the health, well-being and development of young humans as anything they experience during school or afternoon activities. It’s a time to connect with family or your own imagination. Or both. It’s a time to relax and re-energize, to create and collaborate, to explore and discover. It’s a time to be delighted, and a time to be yourself. Pajama Time is, quite possibly, the best time of your life.

At PJ Obsession, we believe that when kids are comfortable, well-outfitted, and distraction-free, the potential for dreaming and growing is limitless. That’s why our mission is to help kids make the most of Pajama Time by providing the most progressive, well-designed pajamas imaginable.

 All PJ Obsession pajamas feature:

  • Smart, gender-neutral patterns and colors
  • Soft, quality fabrics for maximum comfiness
  • Loose-fitting pants (without the silly footies)
  • Smooth, stretchy waistbands
  • Itchless, tagless, seam-less construction
And, to pursue our dream of a world where everyone has a chance to grow, we are committed to the following:
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Responsible, ethical manufacturing
  • Ongoing contributions to educational non-profits 

Our Founder

Amy Brown is a know-it-all and a bit of snob. Big tech companies used to pay her to make their products better than everybody else’s. And she did. And she was really good at it. Until one day, when she got frustrated with the goofy selection of uncomfortable, over-branded pajamas available to her school-age kids. After expressing her thoughtful opinions on the subject to anyone and everyone who would listen, Amy decided to put her big brain where her big mouth was and make her own pajamas. Pajamas that were better than everybody else’s. Pajamas that helped her over-scheduled kids relax, explore, discover and feel comfortable in their own skin. Pajamas that could empower an entire generation of happy, healthy, little know-it-alls to make the world a better, more comfortable place.